World of Innovation!!!

You have just entered a world of innovation. A world that fills spaces with products that enhances your living.

Discover the fourth dimension in your room.

Length, Breadth, Height and THOUGHT.

Innerspace – has a leading edge in modular furniture.

The company’s flagship business of interior designing, space planning & it’s repute in the field of creating modular furniture gives it a leading edge in the field of creating modular furniture.

What We Do

INNERSPACE is a perfect combination of quality, expertise and experience.

Our Strengths are providing refreshed designs with continuous development of original new designs.

Constant evolution with adherence to immaculate processes helps bring you the best in class quality.

We put spaces to work – integrating them into lives… to help our customers learn, work and play.


Leading Quality Modular Furniture Manufacturers.

"Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it Works"

- Steve Jobs

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